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U.S. EPA Safer Choice, CleanGredients, and Product Performance Testing

ToxServices has partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program as a third-party profiler to evaluate a wide range of cleaning, household, and personal care products for Safer Choice recognition. We’ve also partnered with GreenBlue® to evaluate chemical ingredients for listing on CleanGredients®.

Through these programs, ToxServices provides:

Screening of products, fragrance formulas, and chemical classes for chemicals that may pose risks to human health or the environment.

Expert use of predictive software applications to predict physical and chemical properties, environmental fate (including biodegradation), toxicity to aquatic organisms, and human health risks.

Consultation with U.S. EPA and industry partners to identify safer substitutes for chemicals of concern.

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Safer Choice

U.S. EPA Safer Choice-recognized products are allowed to feature the Safer Choice label to communicate to consumers that the product has been evaluated for its effect on the environment and human health. The Safer Choice logo on a product means that each ingredient has been screened for potential human health and environmental effects and are the safest in their class. Please visit


ToxServices is also partnered with CleanGredients® as a third-party profiler to evaluate ingredient chemicals used in products that will be submitted for Safer Choice-recognition. CleanGredients® is partnered with EPA’s Safer Choice Product Labeling Program and lists ingredient chemicals that are “pre-screened” against Safer Choice criteria. CleanGredients® helps suppliers and formulators to identify chemicals that will support Safer Choice recognition. Please visit

To submit a product for Safer Choice review or to list your product on CleanGredients®, please contact Erica Harriman to discuss a timeframe and quote for your review.

Performance Testing

The Toxics Use Reduction Institute’s Laboratory was designed with the capability to evaluate the effectiveness of different cleaning chemistries and equipment for a variety of substrates and contaminants. The goal of Surface Solutions Laboratory (SSL) is to assist industry in the search for safer cleaning processes by developing and promoting safer alternatives to hazardous solvents with a special focus on aqueous/semi-aqueous cleaners and state-of-the-art surface cleanliness analyses. From the testing performed at SSL, data has been accumulated on the performances of industrial cleaning products. In order to use this information effectively, the CleanerSolutions Database was created. This web-based interface to the CleanerSolutions Database is field-searchable by surface contaminants, surface substrates, cleaning equipment, solvents replaced and vendor product data.

For more general information, please click here. For more information on the testing database, please visit

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