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Health Product Declarations™ (HPDs™)

ToxServices is a participating partner with the Health Product Declaration Collaborative™ and develops and verifies Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for manufacturers. An HPD provides a full disclosure of product content and associated health concerns for formulations by comparing product ingredients to a large database of “hazard” lists published by both scientific associations and government authoritative bodies.

The HPD is a valuable tool for all levels of the supply chain and is an important first step in a manufacturer’s commitment to product sustainability. The HPD enables customers to make informed decisions when purchasing building products and materials by providing transparent disclosure of content and health information in a standard format.

ToxServices is pleased to help product manufacturers complete their HPDs and to provide confidential third-party services that facilitate the reporting of proprietary information. ToxServices’ staff serve as informal advisors to the HPD Collaborative™ Technical committee, providing expertise and input towards the development of an improved HPD.

To receive more information or to have ToxServices provide you with HPD services, please contact Edward Pavia at or (202) 429-8795

HPD Product Submission Form