Legal Support

Your partner every step of the way.

When legal matters do arise, our clients and their legal counsel count on ToxServices for expert, independent support.  Relying on cutting-edge science, sound methodologies, and best practices, we provide critical scientific support to inform our clients’ legal and risk management decisions, such as the need for product recalls.  As data-driven scientists, we support both plaintiffs and defendants.

ToxServices’ experts provide the following:
  • Critical, independent evaluation of scientific evidence and opposing parties’ evaluations in order to determine causation and merits of health/harm claims.
  • Evaluation of adverse event reports relating to foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics/personal care products, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Evaluation of out-of-specification test results for impurities, evaluation of potential health risks associated with microbial or chemical contamination, and evaluation of potential health risks from undeclared allergens.
  • Evaluation of the scientific merit of test methods and data presented by claimants or other parties as evidence in litigation.
  • Development of updated toxicity criteria to address outdated values.
  • Robust exposure assessments in response to Notices of Violation.
  • Risk assessments in support of adulteration claims or claims of harm.
  • Comprehensive interpretation and analysis of test data and scientific literature.
  • Expert witness services.