Research, Compliance, and Expert Witness

At ToxServices, our clients and their legal counsel continuously turn to us for assistance in regulatory compliance and litigation support. ToxServices offers the scientific knowledge needed to provide technical support for legal counsel. We can help assess whether your product is safe and meets current international regulations in order to avoid future legal action.

Some examples of our research and regulatory compliance services include:

  • Review of raw materials used in personal care and household products according to U.S. and international regulations
  • Evaluation of analytical test results in accordance with current environmental laws
  • Due diligence
  • Claim substantiation for dietary supplements and cosmetics
  • Product label review
  • Agency notifications and submissions

Expert Witness Support

  • Expert witness and litigation support for consumer product manufacturers, dietary supplement producers, and industrial chemical and home care chemical manufacturers
  • Pre-litigation assessment and evaluation of case reports and adverse event reports (AERs)

When legal matters do arise, ToxServices scientists can assist in the evaluation of scientific evidence in order to determine causation. Our senior staff members have also served as expert witnesses.

In the past, our legal support and expert witness services have fallen into the following areas of interest:

  • Evaluation of serious adverse events relating to foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals
  • Determining possible relationship between contaminants in air and water and adverse health effects
  • Evaluation and scientific test methods and data presented as evidence in litigation

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